Lean fundamentals

Lean fundamentals
Lean fundamentals is a five-day course for clinical and non-clinical leaders that establishes commitment to the lean approach and teaches practical application of key elements of the lean methodology. This program provides a good foundation for leaders who are involved with facilitating kaizen workshops and participating in change management, but are not being certified as lean operations workshop leaders.

The program includes five days of instruction, exercises, and discussion on the principles and core methodologies of the Toyota Management System (TMS), with pre-reading assignments. Sessions include experiential learning, during which participants

  • “go-and-see” on the gemba (the real workplace),
  • develop their ability to identify waste in processes, and
  • practice application of TMS through simulations in a learning lab environment.

Program outline

The six educational modules covered during this five-day program are outlined below. Each has associated pre-reading.

  1. Lean management—Introduces the DNA of TMS, why it is important in healthcare, and the key components of a lean management system with visually managed, tiered reporting.
  2. Value stream mapping—Covers the concepts of value- and patient-centered care, and provides an overview of the value stream mapping process from the current state through flow, pull, and perfecting the process to create a future state.
  3. 5S and visual management (half-day session)—Teaches 5S principles and the 5S process for eliminating waste and establishing a sustainable visual workplace.
  4. A3 thinking and problem solving (half-day session)—Covers the key elements of A3 thinking and problem solving using the scientific method (PDCA), including how to complete a problem-solving A3.
  5. Standard work—Explains the principles and methods of standards, standardization, and standard work, including balancing workloads, layouts for work flow, and documentation and implementation of standard work.
  6. Mistake proofing—Introduces the principles of zero defects and mistake proofing and their application in healthcare processes and standard work.

Mid-management, process owners, and other leaders who are not being certified as workshop leaders but are participating in facilitation of kaizen workshops, change management, and other lean leadership development activities.
Typical cohort includes 20–25 participants (minimum 15).

Foundational understanding and introductory practice of the core principles of lean operations and management that leaders need to effectively participate in improvement and to guide teams.

Key prerequisites + commitments
KPO support with logistics and facilitation.
Participants are expected to attend for all 5 full days with their cohort. 

 Lean Fundamentals